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Vintage furniture (1950s)

3.385 €

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Living room cabinet, 1950s, made of fine rosewood in the style of Paolo Buffa. The elegant line, the brilliant finish that enhances the precious essence, the six legs on which the furniture rests tapered downwards, the brass terminals and the refined light wood inlays present on the uprights that frame the four doors, make this furniture a real model, while the twelve brass lozenges applied to the doors confirm the Buffa style. On the doors there is a perimeter frame that delimits a lining on which the curvilinear lozenges that intersect each other are applied with small brass ornaments at the intersections. The lower frame of the two central doors is shaped. The internal compartments are veneered in maple with a central shelf. Above the doors at the right and left ends are two rosewood tops, while the two central doors are crowned by a solid wood cymatium also decorated with light wood inlays. The sides have uprights decorated with inlays as a continuation of the rear legs; the doors are locked; hinges, keys and brass decorations are original, Conditions: display product in excellent condition. A key is missing.
W. 217 cm
D. 51 cm
H. 170 cm
Conditions of use Excellent - display use
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