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Seller’s guide


We edit the photos to make your item more attractive before the free listing


Get exposure with a like-minded and international audience


We organise the pick-up and shipping for you


We assiste you across the selling process informing you about any potential offers


Do you have a design item that you want to sell on Deesup? Amazing! The first step is the registration. Through the bottom REGISTER at the top right of the page you will be asked to insert your email and create your own password for your account. Those login credentials will allow you to access to your personal dashboard.


After registering press the button SELL at the top right. In case you are not logged-in you will be asked to do it to start selling.


Note Well: At the moment we do accept products to be picked up in Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and France.

Fill in the sell form, we ask you for some simple information: the name, the brand, a short description, precise measurements, selling price and at least n. 3 pictures.

We strongly recommend to be transparent so that the customer won’t have any bad surprises once the product is shipped. However, through the photographic material provided, the Deesup Curators team reserves the right to evaluate and validate the conditions of the product previously selected.

Once you have entered all the information you can save your product in DRAFT or SEND it to us for the final validation, our curators team will look into your sale request.

The request can be:

  • confirmed: in which case the provided information is exhaustive, you will receive an email stating your product is listed online within 48 hours.
  • info request: in which case the provided information is non-exhaustive, you will receive an email requesting missing details. We won’t be able to list your product until the requested details are not provided.
  • refused: in which case your product does not meet the quality and vendibility standard of Deesup, you will receive an email stating the reason for this refusal.

Obvious to say that pictures are the main driver for customers to buy, so they must be as flattering as possible. The more pictures are provided, the more successful the sale will be! Feel free to upload as many pictures as you have.

Minimum required

Pictures must be uploaded in jpg, png or webp, with a maximum size of 10 MB each, they need to be clear with no filters applied. They must be real photos, the ones taken from catalogues or the web are not accepted.

A minimum of 3 pictures is required, they must represent:

  1. The entire product on the front side (with no angle cut)
  2. Important: the evidence of the brand
  3. Any evidence of damages (if any)

f the item is composed of more than one piece, such as a set of chairs, an additional picture that shows the complete set all together is required.

Some tips for taking pictures:

  • Place the item in front of a white wall or in an empty space
  • Take a picture in a bright place or use daylight (but avoid direct sunlight), poor lighting might not be good enough to display the value!
  • Display the item from different angles

“Brand evidence” means you are required to upload a photo of the manufacturer’s brand printed or engraved on the product. Alternatively, we also consider a photo of the certificate of authenticity issued by the seller or the purchase invoice (if valid).

The evidence of the brand is usually found:

brand position table

Being a second-hand product, we strongly advise you to to set a price at least 40% off to the brand-new. In any case, please enter the reasonable price you expect can better reflect the actual value of your product, considering the use and the conditions, we will get back to you with our feedback. The sale price always include Deesup fee, equal to 25% (VAT included), while the listing is free of charge.


To boost the selling chance we suggest you to provide us with a reserve price: it is the minimum price that you are willing to accept in case of offers from interested clients.


While listing you’re asked to provide the address for the future pick-up of the product following the sale, in the event that the product is relocated, it is possible to update the address through the appropriate button referring to the product in your account.

Local pick-up

You can adhere to the local pick-up option, thus giving the customer the possibility to personally pick-up the purchased item directly from your home. In this case, you authorize Deesup to provide the customer with your contact (name and phone number) to arrange the collection of the product. If this option is selected Deesup would ask you to fill the pick-up receipt once the pick-up is completed, in order to activate the payment process. You can enable this option at any time, even after publishing online.


Once your product is listed in the shop you have done, it is now our mission!! We work hard to promote your product online all over Europe across our channels.


While your product is online, you may receive offers from clients interested in purchasing. If the offers are lower than the reserve price, you will be asked to provide us with a feedback: you can choose to accept it, decline it or make a counteroffer. The sales processed at an offer price always include Deesup fee, equal to 25% (VAT included).


While your product is online we may receive requests for further details. Clients may ask further detailed photos, or information about the finishes of your product. Provide with prompt and complete responses will boost your selling chance!


While your product is online, you can update the sale price only in reduction, in which case the product will gain greater visibility as it will be included in the SALE category, it will be also marked by the label “RECENTLY REDUCED” which highlights it inside the shop.


If your product is no longer available please immediately remove it from the sale. Also, if the product is subject to any changes (i.e damages) you must report it. How? Send an Email to indicating the name of your product.


After sale you will receive a confirmation email. At the same time you are asked to confirm the pick-up location and the requested packing method.

To start with the shipment procedure, some photos are also requested. They have to show the product before is packed, the stages of the packaging and then once the packaging is ready for the pick-up. We ask you to report the exact dimensions of the package and confirm the pick-up date, it must be within 7 days from the date of the order.


You are in charge for preparing the item for the shipping, you need to take all the necessary actions to pack the product according to the size and weight. The packaging must be done in order to prevent any damage during the shipping. Deesup cannot be considered responsible for any damage occurred during the transportation and due to a bad or insufficient packaging.



  • a box, rigid, intact and of adequate size for the object
  • Pluriball to wrap the fragile item or to fill the empty space
  • Filling materials (such as paper)
  • corrugated cardboard or polystyrene panels (for large packages)
  • Scotch tape to close the box

Make sure the box has a free side to stick the shipping document if requested.

Big or bulky items:

The box is always preferred to any other solutions, however if you do not have the suitable size try to combine more boxes also using the following to pack:

Before you start the packaging check if the product can be disassembled, for instance many tables are composed of a set of pieces. In this case disassemble the product and cover each piece with pluriball and scotch tape; if possible use a rigid box to pack.

If the product is just one piece and has a large and irregular size you need to wrap it with carton paper, cut in multiple pieces, then cover everything with plastic paper. Use scotch tape to fix everything.

Irregular shaped items:

Make sure any irregular points are well covered to prevent any type of damage during transportation, add extra protections if needed.


Payment by bank transfer will be made only once the delivery operations are completed, you are required to provide your data (IBAN and tax code) filling in the relevant fields within your account . The sale price always includes Deesup fee, equal to 25% (VAT included), Deesup keeps it off from the selling price collecte in your behalf.

For further information, please read the Terms & Conditios with the conditions of sale in details.


On our marketplace you can receive price offers for the purchase of your products on sale.

How does it work? We will notify you by email as soon as you receive a new offer, you can choose whether to accept or decline it or to reply with a counteroffer directly from your account at


Please remember that

  • the offer is non binding: if you accept an offer, later on the user will choose whether to purchase or not the product
  • the offer price includes our service fee
  • every received offer has its own ID number which distinguishes it from the other received offers
  • the shipping costs are not up to the seller

You are in charge now. Reply quickly to all offers in order to increase your selling chances!


o accept an offer you just have to log into your account at the OFFERS RECEIVED section and click on the ACCEPT button. By doing so you will allow the buyer to purchase your product at the accepted offered price.

Please remember that the offer is always non binding, later on the user will choose whether to purchase or not the product. In case of purchase, you will receive a communication by email.


If you receive an offer which is equal or higher than your reserve price (the minimum price you are willing to accept for selling your product) you indicated when you uploaded your product, the system will automatically accept the offer for you. You will receive a communication regarding this operation by email.

Please remember that the offer is always non binding, later on the user will choose whether to purchase or not the product. In case of purchase, you will receive a communication by email.


To decline an offer you just have to log into your account at the OFFERS RECEIVED and click DECLINE. The buyer will not have the chance to purchase your product at the proposed price.

SUGGESTION: if the offer does not meet your expectations, instead of declining it, we suggest you to make a counteroffer so that you do not lose this sales opportunity.


If the price offer you received is lower than your expectations you can reply with a counteroffer, offering a higher price. You just have to log into your account at OFFERS RECEIVED section and click MAKE A COUNTEROFFER button.

In the “Counteroffer price (per unit)” field insert the unitary price you want to offer to the buyer for the purchase of your product and click on CONFIRM.

If you receive an offer for a number of units higher than 1 (e.g. for 3 chairs), click on MAKE A COUNTEROFFER and insert the counteroffer price for a single unit. The total amount of the counteroffer will be displayed in the “Total counteroffer” field. Click on CONFIRM to submit your counteroffer.

Later on the buyer will decide whether to purchase the product at the counteroffer price you offered, or, alternatively, continue the negotiation by making a new price counteroffer itself.


Every offer with ACCEPTED or COUNTEROFFER status lasts for 7 days from the day in which has been made, during this period of time the product can be purchased at the offered price. After this period, the offer expires and its status will be EXPIRED. This means that the buyer decided to not purchase the product.

Your product keeps being on sale and you can receive new offers, it is available and promoted through our channels, regardless of the outcome of the negotiation.

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