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Toio (red), Flos

Toio (red), Flos

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Designer & Brand:Pier Giacomo e Achille Castiglioni, Flos

Details:Floor lamp providing indirect lighting. Angle iron and formed steel base, hexagonal nickel-plated brass height-adjustable stem with telescopic head. White color. Dimmable

Dimensions: Ø 21 cm – H. 158-195 cm

Conditions: Very good – display use

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Toio by Flos is an iconic floor lamp designed by Castiglioni brothers. The original version was made with a car headlight imported from the USA and fishing rod passers-by. It takes its name from a playful translation of the English word “toy”.

Toio is produced by Flos, the famous Italian company founded in Merano in 1962 and specialized in lighting.