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Otis, DePadova

Otis, DePadova

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Designer & Brand: Lorenz+Kaz, DePadova

Details: Round table with top made of multi-ply birchwood panel covered with matt white HPL laminate, base in steel sheet, coated with white powder, adjustable feet

Dimensioni: Ø 100 cm – H. 71 cm

Conditions: Very good – minor use

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Otis by DePadova is a round table with modern and essential design created by Lorenz+Kaz in 2007.

Perfect for a tête-à-tête or for a few friends over for tea, Otis is a round table for small dining areas or even cafès.

DePadova is an Italian company founded by Fernando and Maddalena De Padova that produces high quality furniture.