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Le vele girevoli, Futura

Le vele girevoli, Futura


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Designer & Brand: Le vele girevoli, Futura

Details: Two 90 cm armchairs, both separable, revolving and convertible into two single beds (204×90) or a double bed (204×180), in one or two chaise-longues or in single beds. Upholstery in special pearl gray fabric (removable), glossy chrome legs, lower lacquered white top.

Dimensions: L. 180 cm – W. 88 cm – H. 81 cm

Conditions: Excellent – limited use, kept as new (purchase year 2011) 

Why is it on sale? I need a larger sofa. 

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The vele are independent seats, 360 ° revolving and with reclining backrests, two ‘changing’ armchairs that adapt to any position thanks to the reclining back and swivel seat.

FUTURA is an indestructible mechanical heart, a balance between beauty and functionality, the choice to find the way to relax.