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LC4 (leather), Cassina

LC4 (leather), Cassina

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Designer & Brand: Le Corbusier, Charlotte Perriand and Pierre Jeanneret, Cassina

Details: Chaise Longue with steel structure (variable inclination), seat and headrest in dark brown leather, steel pedestal

Dimensions: L. 160 cm – W. 70 cm – H. 70 cm

Conditions: Very good – minor signs of display use

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Lc4 CP, Cassina and Louis Vuitton - Deesup

LC4 CP, Cassina

Retail 9.356 5.200
LC4 CP is an exclusive limited edition chaise longue, a tribute by Cassina to Charlotte Perriand for the Louis Vuitton 2014 Icônes Collection. The inspiration of this innovative tribute is the Charlotte Perriand photo resting on one of the first models of the famous LC4. Considered a real ‘relaxing machine’, this furniture item has always been special to the French designer because it responds to her idea of functional furniture that envelops the natural shape…
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Lc4, Cassina - Deesup

LC4, Cassina

Retail 5.000 3.000
LC4 is the chaise longue designed in 1928 and made famous by Cassina as from 1965. Born from the desire of the three designers to put the man at the center of attention, thanks to the correspondence between form and function of rest.
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Jovi Agua Colorada, Maòli - Deesup

Jovi Agua Colorada, Maòli

Retail 855 642
The small table Jovi Agua Colorada is hand-crafted in aluminium and it features a minimal and natural design which makes it idea for any living area. Maòli’s aluminum is made using all the waste that arrives in Madagascar from all over the world: old engines, aircraft parts, cans, pots and various cutlery. Everything is reclaimed and then melted. The pieces are brushed and polished until they reach the characteristic silver color that makes the Maòli…
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Allen 605, Cassina - Deesup

Allen 605, Cassina

Retail 12.800 6.500
Allen 605 is a design icon of the furniture sector, disegned in 1917 by Frank Lloyd Wright. Established in 1927, Cassina has been designing furniture for over eighty years.    

LC4 by Cassina in leather version is a chaise longue designed by Le Corbusier, Charlotte Perriand and Pierre Jeanneret.

It is a true “relaxing machine”, an undisputed icon that has marked the history of Italian design.

It has a simple and sinuous shape and an extremely comfortable and ergonomic seat.

Cassina is an Italian company founded in Meda in 1927 by the brothers Cesare and Umberto Cassina, which produces design furniture.