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Hilton wall module system


970 €

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HILTON SYSTEM is a system of modular furniture designed for the home but also suitable for the study and office designed by Giotto Stoppino and Lodovico Acerbis in 1978. Giotto Stoppino (Vigevano, 30 April 1926 – Milan, 23 August 2011) was a architect and designer, student of Ernesto Nathan Rogers, one of the most important inspiring exponents of neo-liberty; he collaborated with the architects Vittorio Gregotti and Lodovico Meneghetti from 1953 to 1968. He is present at the MoMA and has two golden compasses to his credit. Hilton is characterized by the unusual opening system: the doors, with a rotation and sliding movement, fit into the upper part of the containers, leaving the internal compartment completely accessible and freeing the area towards the user from clutter. They have a molded frame made of special material with a scratch-resistant finish filled with a glass plate painted on the inside in China lacquer colour. Specific attention was dedicated by the designers to the construction, movement and finishing details. The proposed composition is made up of a pair of autonomous elements: one with a sliding door and the other with 3 drawers: they can also be mounted at different heights, or superimposed (with or without a space between one and the other. The Price indicated refers to 1 item (either one or the other indifferently).Conditions: excellent condition with only very slight signs of aging.
DESIGNER Giotto Stoppini
BRAND Acerbis
MATERIAL Plastic-polypropylene, Glass
COLOR Burgundy
W. 90 cm
D. 46 cm
H. 48 cm
Conditions of use Excellent - display use
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