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Blanca Large Table, Penta

Blanca Large Table, Penta

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Designer & Brand: Gianluigi Landoni, Penta

Details: Table or floor lamp in HI-MACS®, an innovative acrylic stone material (natural stone powder derived from bauxite (70%), acrylic resin (25%) to allow assembly without visible joints, and natural pigments ( 5%)). White color. Red electric cable

Dimensions: L. 45 cm – W. 15 – H. 45 cm

Conditions: Brand new – still in the package

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Regent Suspension, Isaac light

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Blanca Grande Table by Penta is a minimalist table or floor lamp designed by the architect Gianluigi Landoni.

It is made of HI-MACS®, an innovative acrylic stone material of great purity that allows a warm diffusion of light.

The originality also is the touch of color, discreet but creative: the electric cable, usually transparent, is in red color and represents the passion.

Penta is an Italian company that produces lamps that integrate materials with different characteristics.