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Animals Set, Daum

Animals Set, Daum

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Designer & Brand: Daum

Details: Set composed of three original Daum glass paste objects: green and brown frog, mini sea turtle, butterfly

Dimensions: Frog: L. 4 cm – W. 3 cm – H. 3 cm – Sea turtle: L. 5 cm – W. 6 cm – H. 2 cm – Butterfly: L. 7 cm – W. 5 cm – H. 6 cm

Conditions: Very good – minor use

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Daum animals set is a collection of original glass paste design objects. Frog, sea turtle and butterfly are furnishing complements ideal to give a touch of color to the environment.

Daum is a French glassware founded by Jean Daum, the only one to produce artistic objects using glass paste.