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1919, Poltrona Frau

1919, Poltrona Frau

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Designer & Brand: Renzo Frau (1919), Poltrona Frau

Details: Armchair with seasoned beech structure, seat padding in rubberised horsehair, seat cushion in goose down, capitonné working, plate-holder is in wax-treated Canaletto walnut, colour mint green

Dimensions: L. 90 cm – W.95 cm – H. 93 cm (H. seating 50 cm)

Conditions: Excellent – limited use and kept as new

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Vanity Fair, Poltrona Frau - Deesup

Vanity Fair, Poltrona Frau

Retail 4.500 1.800
Vanity Fair by Poltrona Frau is a replica design icon of the famous 904 model, 1930. Vanity Fair has a rounded shape and rows of leather-covered nails that underline the seat back and arms. Poltrona Frau since 1912 is a symbol of the beauty of Made in Italy design.
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Zarina Baby, AdeleC - Deesup

Zarina Baby, AdeleC

Retail 2.000 680
Zarina is the expression of a father’s love for his little princess: the designer Cesare Cassina, in 1944, expressed it in the softness, the impeccable finishings and the maximum comfort of an elegant small armchair dedicated to his little Adele.
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Bowl Chair, Arper - Deesup

Bowl Chair, Arper

Retail 5.124 3.750
Bowl Chair by Arper is an exclusive design armchair with a violet fabric shell and elegant red pillows. It is a limited edition of 500 pieces designed by Lina Bo Bardi. The Bardi’s Bowl Chairs are marked with a serial number, silk-screened on the body and inside the cushions to ensure uniqueness.
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Set 2 Poltroncine Barrel 606, Cassina - Deesup

Set 2 Barrel 606 armchairs, Cassina

Retail 5.600 2.600
Barrel is an elegant and iconic armachair disegned by Frank Lloyd Wright and made by Cassina since 1937. Cassina represents Italian excellence throughout the world thanks to its constant research for outstanding quality of materials and elegant forms.

A re-interpretation of the classic Bergere model, the ‘1919’ is an armchair that features a capitonné texture on the backrest. A complementary little arm comes as an optional accessory, designed to hold the Dukes ashtray, as he was a famous cigar smoker.

Since 1912 Poltrona Frau has been an internationally recognized brand of Made in Italy design.