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Which products can I sell on the Deesup shop?

You can sell your furniture, lighting, accessories and pieces of modern art on Deesup. We select only design products in good conditions with marked characteristics of quality and uniqueness.

What information do I need to provide to list my product?

Make sure you have at least 4 photos and all the information you need to accurately describe your product before uploading, including the name of the product and the designer, any peculiarities which may add value.

Can I list vintage or antique items?

Vintage and antiques are taken into consideration if they can be traced back to iconic products, historic brands or important designers.

Can I offer handicraft products or antiquaries?

Unfortunately not, at the moment it is not possible to offer handmade items or works of art, the shop does not have a specific category for this type of products.


How does the listing work?

Create an account on the Deesup platform, enter the details and upload the photos of the items you want to sell by filling out the form in the SELL section of your account, you will receive a confirmation of listing or eventually request for further details via email.

Are there any costs for placing the product on the shop?

Nope, the vetting and the listing are for free.

Can I stop selling my design product once online?

Yes, the sale of the product can be suspended until the product is sold. You can remove the product through your account using the “withdraw from sale” button.

What kind of photos are required?

Photos must be of good quality, clear and bright. The product must be framed entirely from different angles (front, side, detail or any defects), evidence of the brand is also required as it appears on the product, alternatively a certificate of authenticity (label or document issued by the seller).

I do not have photos of my product, can I use the catalog or internet images as source?

No. Since they are not new items, it is necessary to provide real photos of the product to better highlight the conditions, products without real photos are not taken into consideration.

Where do I find the evidence of the brand?

80% of the products have evidence, as for the tables, the armchairs and the chairs, the evidence of the brand is usually on the edges, under the top or on the legs. For lamps it is usually under the base or near the light source.


Can you help me estimate the price?

We recommend a price reduction of at least 40%from retail, otherwise your item will be less attractive. If you do not know the value of the new just indicate in the field “sale price” the price that you consider appropriate for your item, given the brand and the conditions of use. Our team will provide you with feedback if the price is not adequate.

What is the reserve price?

The reserve price is the price below which you do not intend to sell your product, it is a threshold that can facilitate any negotiations with interested customers. We recommend considering a figure of at least 15% less than the selling price.

Is it mandatory to enter a reserve price?

No, you are not obliged to enter it but it is strongly suggested for the purpose of closing the sale. If you authorize Deesup to automatically accept any offers, the reserve price will be considered as your minimum threshold.

Does the reserve price include your commission?

Yes, our commission is included in the reserve price, therefore the value is always meant as gross.

Can I change the sale and reserve price of my product after publication?

Yes, by accessing your account you can reduce the sale and reserve price at any time from the “Products” section. Reducing prices will make your product even more attractive to the sale and more visible in the SALES category.


Should I take care of the packaging?

Yes, it is your responsibility to prepare a correct packaging to preserve the integrity of the product during transportation. In case of damage during transportation Deesup is not considered responsible for damage due to improper packaging.

Can I buy a disassembly and packing service?

Yes, it is possible to request a dedicated service upon payment. You will receive a quotation based on the size of the product.

Who pays for shipping costs?

The shipping costs are paid by the buyer, these depend on the size of the product and destination, the transportation is not charged to the seller.


I received an offer. How can I find out if my product has been finally sold?

You will receive a confirmation email only in the event of a sale, otherwise you will not receive any communication because the negotiation is still in progress. We always advise you to check the spam folder of your mailbox.

I received an offer. Does the amount include your commission?

Yes, the offer is comparable to a new sale price and is intended gross of our commission of 25%.

I have a set of chairs, can I sell them individually?

Yes, when loading products you can indicate if you wish to sell them separately, in which case the price refers to the individual product. On the other hand, in the case of table and chair sets or bed and bedside tables, the separate sale is strongly recommended, in which case you need to upload the items in separate form.

In the case of a separate sale, what is the selling price?

In the case of a separate sale, the price refers to a single product.


How do I know if my product has been sold?

In case of sale you will receive a confirmation email. Within your account you can always monitor the status of your products, if the item is sold the status will be “sold” otherwise “on sale”.

When do I receive payment for the sale of my product?

Payment to the seller is made by bank transfer 14 days after delivery.

What is the commission you charge?

Deesup applies 25% of the sale price, the listing and promotion of your product are for free.

Do I need to enter my IBAN and social security number when creating an account?

No, you are not obliged to enter it at the registration, but once the sale has been processed you are required to enter the data in your account to allow Deesup to manage the payment.


How can I purchase a design product on Deesup?

Choose the product you are interested in and through the “BUY” button you can proceed with the payment. Make sure you enter the full shipping address and any notes in case you wish to tell us something.

Are the products sold on Deesup authentic?

We select products daily proposed by individuals and professional suppliers who need to sell or renew their spaces. We run a rigorous selection of products, publishing only original pieces from quality brands.

Can I view the product before buying?

No, it is not possible to view the product before placing the order, however in the product photo gallery you will find numerous photos that clearly describe the product. If you wish more details or photos of the product do not hesitate to write to us at

How can I recognize if the product are from professional sellers?

You can recognize the products from professional seller through the star icon and the label “professional seller”.

How much are the transport costs?

The transport costs depend on the size of the product and the destination, they are indicated in the “Delivery Options” within the drop down menu of the product you are interested in.

Are sales prices and transport costs VAT included?

Yes, all sales prices include VAT.

What payment methods can I use?

You can pay by credit cards from the main international circuits, bank transfer and PayPal. You can select the option you prefer at check-out.

Can I request an invoice for the purchase?

Yes, only if the purchased product is from a professional seller, you can recognize it through the special label inside the product sheet.

I am interested in a product with “negotiation in progress” can I buy it?

Yes, the “negotiation in progress” label simply indicates that another client has submitted an offer on the product. Hurry up so you don’t miss it.

Is it possible to negotiate the price?

Yes, you can make a non-binding offer to the seller by clicking on the MAKE OFFER button on the product sheet.


I chose the option of local pick-up, how do I know the full pick-up address?

If you have chosen the option of “local pick-up” within 24 hours from the order you will receive the contact of the seller together with the instructions forpick-up. You will then be able to make arrangements for collection with the seller.

I chose the option of shipping by courier, what are the delivery times?

Delivery usually  takes 4/5 working days since the pick-up from the seller. For bulky products the timing could be longer for organizational reasons.

Is the product delivered assembled?

It depends on the size and type of product, the packaging may require disassembly.

Is delivery to the door step included?

Shipping is standard and does not include delivery to the floor. At the time of delivery and in the presence of the conditions (parking, lift and packaging easily transferable) the courier can make himself available for delivery to the floor at his discretion.

Can I return the product if not compliant?

The return of the product is possible only in case of proven differences with the description provided at the purchase stage. The photos must be sent via email to within 3 days from delivery, providing evidence of any discrepancies.

I received the product in a damaged package, what should I do?

If upon delivery the package has obvious damage due to bad handling, it is required to accept the product “with reserve” and report it explicitly to the carrier, otherwise it is possible not to accept the product at all. In both cases we ask you to promptly notify Deesup by writing to