What is Deesup? 

Deesup is the marketplace to sell and buy second-hand design items for decorating living spaces. Each item is carefully selected, pre-loved by someone and rigorously branded, of course at accessible prices. 

How does it work? 

To purchase a product just go on our on-line shop, select the product and add it to the cart; the payment details will be requested at check-out, and a confirmation email will be sent to you after the purchase. To sell your product you must create a Deesup account and through the tab SELL insert your products.  If you are a professional seller please contact the Deesup team and write an email to info@deesup.com.



Which products can I sell on Deesup? 

The product categories accepted to be displayed on Deesup’s shop are i) furniture, ii) lighting, iii) complements and iv) vintage decor. Only branded and quality products are approved to be listed on Deesup shop, make sure your product is also in good conditions. (Art items are not accepted)

In what kind of condition should my product be? 

The design product must be in good conditions, any evident damages should be reported when filling in the sales form. It is mandatory to assign a product “status” picking the most appropriate option: fair (extended use and evident damages that require some actions to be restored), good (average use, still usable as it is), excellent (limited use with no damages at all, almost new), brand-new (never used before, still in the package). The seller must inform Deesup about any evident or not evident damage before the product is listed on Deesup’s shop.

What style should my product have? 

Your product can be either modern, contemporary or more traditional and classic. Vintage and decor pieces must be recognizable and could be subject to further analysis so it could take extra time for approval,if necessary, additional details might also be required.

Who can list design products on Deesup’s shop? 

You could be a private seller that needs to get rid of a few design objects due to relocating or renovating a house. You might also be a professional seller that needs to furnish show-rooms spaces or maybe you’re looking for a sales channel, in this case, please contact our team by writing to info@deesup.com

What is the minimum discount accepted?

The recommended discount is of 40% off (vs current market price), as it has been proven that this level of discount makes the used products more interesting and attractive for future purchasers. Once the product publication request has been sent, Deesup will give advice about the product’s price. 

What do I need to do to list my design product on Deesup’ s online shop? 

The selling process is easy: you must create a Deesup account and through the tab SELL insert a description of the product you would like to sell. The evaluation team will get back to you and let you know whether the product has been published on the shop or eventually will ask for more information. 

For further details you can read the Terms & Conditions

What is the reserve price?

It is the price under which you don’t want to sell your product.

Am I obliged to insert the reserve price?

No, you are not obliged. Nevertheless, it is required if you allow Deesup to accept offers under the selling price.

I do not have quality pictures, how can I proceed with the listing? 

To proceed with the listing Deesup requires at least 4 pictures. Try to take some pictures yourself, just make sure you have a good light and angles, avoid cutting the product on the sides. For further picture instructions you can watch the following video. 

I’m having problems uploading the photos, what can I do?

Make sure that the every single photo doesn’t exceed 2,5 MB, the maximum limit allowed. If you still have problems please contact our team at help@deesup.com

How much do I need to pay to list my design product on the shop? 

The listing is completely free of charge! You will also receive a free promotion service for your product, it will get the right visibility with the right audience.

Can I sell my product on different channels while it is listed on Deesup? 

If you are a private seller Deesup does not require exclusivity, but it’s very important that you inform Deesup in case your product is no longer available for sale. If you are a professional seller Deesup requires exclusivity, thus your product can only be sold on Deesup’s shop.

Do you provide a pick-up service after the purchase? 

Yes, Deesup offers a free pick-up service within Italy in liaison with professional couriers. As a seller you are responsible for setting-up the package suitable for a safe shipping. 

Who pays for the shipping costs?

The buyer pays for the shipping, that will be shown at the check out taking into consideration the size, the weight and the destination.

Who will pick-up my product? 

Deesup works with professional couriers that take care of the shipping (pick-up and delivery). As a seller you need to give your availability for the pick-up within the next 7 days after the purchase date. 

Do I need to set-up the package? 

Yes, as a seller you are responsible for setting-up the package suitable for a safe shipping. In case of damages due to the bad package Deesup cannot be considered responsible.

How do I need to pack my product for the shipping? 

You must insert your product in a box and fill the empty spaces with paper. Also make sure you have wrapped the product in bubble wrap before you place it in the box. If your product exceeds the 50kg you need to pack using a pallet, for further details you can read the seller guide

Can the packaging of large products be carried out by the courier?

No, the seller has to take care of the packaging.

How much is Deesup’s service fee?

Deesup applies a service fee that is equal to 20% of the selling price for all products submitted by October 31st 2018, while the fee is equal to 25% for the products submitted as from November 1st 2018.

Can I suspend or stop the listing of my product? 

Yes, you can through your personal Deesup account in the section “Remove”. You can’t delist a product if it has already been sold.

When will I get paid? 

The payment (via bank transfer) is processed once the shipping process is completed, that means three days after the product has been shipped. This is the time slot allowed to the buyer to point out any product discrepancies. Payments are done on the 15th and 30th of every month.

Do I have to insert my personal bank details?

No you are not obliged, but if your product has been sold you have to insert it in your own Deesup account in order to get paid.



How can I purchase the product I am interested in? 

To purchase any product in the shop you can just select it, go to the check-out page, fill in all the required details and proceed with the payment. Please make sure that you have inserted your shipping address. Deesup will take care of the rest!

Do I purchase from Deesup or the seller?  

Deesup sells on behalf of the private seller managing the promotion, the payment and the logistics. Deesup platform is used by the buyer to complete the purchase.

Can I make an offer at a lower price than the selling one?

Yes, you can in the section “Make an offer”. Please make sure that it isn’t more than 50% under the selling price. To make an offer you must also insert your details and telephone number.

Can I personally manage an offer by contacting the seller?

No, you can’t. Deesup will contact the buyer to know whether he/she wants to accept, decline or make a counteroffer.

Where do the products come from?  

Deesup receives daily new listing requests, the products belong to private sellers that need to get rid of their design stuff, but also professional sellers who need to free-up space to renew their show-rooms.

How does Deesup select the design products?  

Deesup carefully selects only authentic and high quality products from historical and “Made in Italy” brands, but also emerging ones. The team ensures that the products have no relevant damage and are in good conditions.

What payment methods are accepted? 

You can use Credit Cards, Paypal or a bank transfer, the payment details will be required at the check-out.

Can I finance my purchase?

No, it is not possible.

Can I ask for an invoice to be issued?

You can ask for an invoice to be issued in the remarks box of your order only if the seller is professional, as it is indicated in the product page. In other cases it is not possible to ask for an invoice.

How much do I need to pay for the shipping?

The shipping costs are calculated based on the weight, the size of the product and the destination it has to be sent to. The shipping costs are first calculated and then confirmed at the check-out. For any doubts regarding the purchase or the shipping, you can contact Deesup’s team by sending an email to help@deesup.com.

Can I personally go to pick the product up?

Yes, only if the buyer has accepted the local pick-up option and you chose it in the “Shipping options” that you can see in the product page.

Where is the seller’s address written for the local pick-up option?

In the section “Shipping options” under local pick-up the seller’s city or town is shown. Once the purchase has been done the complete address of the seller together with the pick-up instructions will be given.

Does the shipping include the delivery to the door? 

The shipping does not include the delivery directly to your door. Assuming the driver finds the conditions to reach the door (i.e. easy parking, lift etc..) he will be willing to bring the product right to your door.

Can I give the product back?

The product can be given back only if, within 3 days after the shipping date, proven  discrepancies (photos) between the product and its description are sent to Deesup.


>>If you still have questions or doubts do not hesitate to reach out to us, just drop us an email at info@deesup.com